Saturday, February 04, 2006

Scarf Exchange update...
I have received the most wonderful correspondence from the Pal who has me as her recipient. I just love reading her emails and I do believe that this will be the beginning of a very special friendship. I can see that we do have so much in common, from overcoming insurmountable obstacles and being able to envision the joy and blessings in the most ordinary places. She is a beginner much like myself, who has never shied away from any challenge. She laughs in the face of adversity... ha ha ha.
This is the first time that someone will be making something just for ME. She has placed such high expectations upon herself. I believe in her and know, deep in my heart, that she will rise to the occasion. She doesn't know failure and refuses to accept failure as an option. I know that I will love, cherish and adore anything.... knowing the love and thought and friendship that she knitted into each and every stitch.

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