Friday, August 28, 2009

Saying Good-bye

My son has once again been deployed, this time to Afghanistan.  We, as a family, spent a few days together before he left.  This time is the hardest, as in addition to leaving saying good-bye to his wife, he is also leaving his infant son. 


He will be missing quite a few firsts this year as the lil one gets his first tooth, takes his first step, and says Da-Da when he wakes up at night.

He had whispered a few words to his son before he left, "Be sure to be good for your Mommy.  Remember that I love you.  And Please... don't grow too big while I'm away".


Please, keep my son, as well as all members of the military who are sacrificing so much to defend our freedom, in your prayers.  Pray for their safe return.  Pray for a time when their duty will no longer be needed.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Sew Camp and other musings....

Dee arrived with Emma.  We had two weeks to get ready for the Christening, so we went hats and horns in sewing projects.  Sew Camp 2009 opens!

Since Dee had managed to complete her Civil War Love Letters quilt, We booked some time on a long arm quilter and came up with a wonderful pattern for it.  There is a "medallion" of sort in the middle of each of the 160+ squares, surrounded by a flowing border on all four sides.  She took it home, all ready to bind.  :D for her!  :( for me as I am still only about 1/3 the way through my squares.

Dee managed to get me started/organized with my Dear Jane.  I had been hemming and hawing and doing anything BUT.. in avoidance of the applique work that needed to be done.  I have never done any and was in fear.  She gave me a few options on different methods and within a day, I had already managed to get a few of the squares done.  All the fabric is all cut out and my binder is full of squared just ready to be worked on.

I did manage to finish a "Big Shirt", complete with french seams. I did this in the loudest colors imaginable in a beach umbrella print.  It will be so suitable as a beach cover-up, which I desperately needed.

Another project is the "Snippets" pillow that I am making for my bed.  It has three applique flowers on it, so.. it's been regaled to the wip pile until I decide to set some time for hand sewing.  hmmm... 

Carol managed to make a "Magic Pocketbook" with three covers! 

My contribution to the Sew Camp was a lesson on free motion quilting, and of course, Dee took to like a a fish to water.  Was I to expect anything less?

With only 3 days until the Christening, Sew Camp closed shop. We had so much cooking, cleaning, organizing to do for the ensuing masses that were scheduled to arrive.  We did mange to get it all done and done well...

And.. here is a picture of the family at my first grandson's christening. 


The gown  was designed and hand-made by Dee, in loving memory of Robert T Delaney, Sr for all his great-grandchildren.  Nicholas is the first to wear it and I hope that there will be so many more of his cousins to wear it in the future...