Saturday, February 18, 2006

My First Gold Medal!

Listen.... Can you hear the National Anthem playing?

I got off to a late start, beginning on Saturday night, but after 3 days of SOLID knitting, I am so pleased to announce that I completed the Flower Basket Shawl! Woo Hoo! I used Mountain Colors - Mountain Goat in the colorways Silverbow. Isn't it fabulous?

I had been "dabbling" with simple beginner lace scarves over the past 2 months, but completing an entire shawl ?!? I thought that a feat like this would be beyond my reach.

I will be working on the Bird's Nest Shawl for the remainder of the Olympics. I know that I don't have a snowballs chance in Hades at completing it, but I do promise you all that I won't go Tonya on you, when I don't.

I am hoping that everyone else who is "competing" in the Olympics will strive for their gold and will attain it!

Go Team USA!


Marji said...

Your flower basket shawl is beautiful. You did a great job and have a right to feel very proud.

you mentioned your hands ache - how are your neck and shoulders? That's where I feel it.

Dorene said...

Oh Marji...
This is so sweet that you noticed this here.
Only my hands ached after this one.. especially the final day of 18 hours straight. I was just SO close that I couldn't stop myself. By the time I was casting off.... I was almost in tears, but I still didn't stop! Gosh.. I am SO OCD!