Sunday, February 12, 2006

And they're off....

I couldn't quite decide which shawl to do. Oh my, decisions, decisions. I was so torn between the Bird's Nest Shawl and the Flower Basket Shawl.

I had done a shortened version of the Bird's Nest Shawl and made a lovely scarf for my daughter, but to do almost 250 rows, with 346 stitches in under 16 days. EGADS. And for the Flower Basket shawl, not that is NOT what I would consider social knitting. The pattern changes each and every row. And it takes me quite a while before I "get" the pattern and it goes smoothly. So, which one do I pick?

Both.... No, I am not a glutton for punishment.

I started the Bird's Nest Shawl that I can take with me in the car, shopping, at work, etc. I am using some Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport in the colorways Tuscany. It is rich, deep tones in russets, greens, and blues. I only have 4 skeins, so the size with be as big as my yarn holds out.

I also started the Flower Basket Shawl that I will work on with my full concentration at home. I am using Mountain Colors Mountain Goat in the colorways Silverbow. It is dramatic shades of an earthy blue with the most subtle hints of purples, violets and pink.

I will be working on both. Both will be a great learning experience and forcing me to "raise the bar" and to strive for excellence. I will try my darndest to finish both. If I do, that feat will truly be worthy of a gold medal. But, if I don't... that will be ok too. I will have learned a new skill and have pushed myself to new levels.

After all... isn't knitting supposed to be fun? And I am having a blast!

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