Saturday, February 25, 2006

I have conceded that I will not be able to finish the Bird's Nest Shawl. I don't have enough yarn to make it the size I would want it to be. So between the yarn shortage and illness, I have been working half-heartedly on it. I am so relieved that I did finish the FBS. At least I earned one gold medal.

I've been down for the count for the past week with the flu. I should have changed my name to snot bubble. I feel like I must have lost at least 20 lbs with the amount of horrid boogers that has been coming out of my nose. Where does it all come from? Does it ever end? I have slept, accompanied by my trusty Vick's vaporub and my box of Puff's tissues.

Nick has been away on a business trip and I have had no one to baby me. Alas.... self-pity is setting in fast. A friend that lives in Boston, had jokingly volunteered to come and change the sheets, make fresh jello. Oh... that would have been such heaven. I think I would have given my first born, well, make that my second born son (Pete has been on thin ice) for fresh sheets!

Thank goodness, I am feeling almost human today.

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