Friday, September 21, 2007

More International Woes

Some people came up with some very creative ideas when shipping internationally.

Flat Rate Envelope:
The most cost effect way to ship is to use the "Flat-rate" Envelope. It costs $11.00 and has no weight limit.
Downside - it isn't too big and it is gosh awfully hard trying to cram any goodies in there.

Gift Certificates:
Read your pal's blog and try to find out what LYS she frequents. Is there any one in particular that she really likes. Email them and ask if you could purchase a gift voucher.
Downside: You email them to inquire. They will email you back and ask to you call them. So, the 10lb** voucher, at the current exchange will cost $21.00, $4.00 in postage, $4.00 for a phone call. I'm up to $29.00 for a 10lb voucher. I ask you. Doesn't 10lb sound kind of skimpy? Just how much can you buy for 10lb?
** I apologize but I can't find the symbol for the British pound.

Order Online:
Go to and order a book. Let's say "Victorian Lace Today"
Downside: In the UK, that book cost 21.00lb. Do the currency thing and that equates to $44.00!!!! My poor dollar is taking such a beating! I can order the same book from and even with the shipping abroad, the same book will cost me $28.75.

By the end of this exchange I will have figured out all the angles. But for now, I'm still trying....

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Suggestions, please....

I am participating in the Secret Pal 11. I usually like these sort of exchanges as I get to plan a surprise for another knitter. But, with my current exchange I am facing a dilemma, and perhaps, you can help.....
My first package was to have a theme - Spa indulgence. It included some luscious yarns (linen, silk, cotton), along with patterns to make some spa-like accessories (washcloths, bath mitts, sachets). Of course, it also included beautiful collection of elegant sundries (bath salts, lotions, oils), aromatherapy candles and some decadent chocolate for the ultimate indulgence. My problem is that my partner lives abroad. This package that I put together will cost over $40.00 in postage alone!!!!!! Yikes, and this is just the first of three packages that are due! Now, I don't begrudge spending money on someone. Heck, that's what this is all about. But, I do begrudge spending that sort of money just on postage. That's downright ludicrous. It's absurd!
So, I'm back to the drawing board and open for any suggestions.....
Does anyone have any lightweight, and I do mean "lightweight", suggestions for a wonderful package?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh, the heartache.....
The finished MS3 had been discarded, sent to a forgotten corner of the room. I avoided it. I had poured myself into this project for the last two months and I just couldn't bring myself to look at it anymore. So, there it sat, as a blob of knitting nothingness.

Today, I finally got up enough gumption to do something about it.
So, it went from this.....
to this....
...... in under 60 seconds.

Ripping back the 500+ yd of yarn, it felt like eternity. I am planning to knit another of the first half (clue 1-4) and then grafting the two pieces together. I know that I'll be so much happier with Plan B.