Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What happens in Vegas....

I don't know if you all know, but Hubby and I will be relocating out west. It will be a little bittersweet, moving from coastal South Carolina, and heading 2,500 miles west to the middle of the Mohave Desert. Yikes! But, do you know what I will miss the most? No, not the ocean. No, not the humidity. Yep, you guessed it..... Trees!

We have purchased a home in Laughlin, Nevada. Hub has been there since August, and every few weeks, I have been commuting from Pawleys Island. This visit, he has a show in LV, and I dutifully accompanied him. Sigh. Someone had to do it! (grin).

Today, I am off to visit three of the LYS (Gail Knits, Two Crazy Ladies, and Wooly Wonder). I even have a personal local guide, Debi. I "met" Debi about one year ago, while participating in the 2nd International Scarf Exchange. It was my first ever exchange, and perhaps the best one that I will ever be involved in. Besides a most fabulous scarf, I also benefited from getting to know a truly remarkable individual. For the past year, we have been chatting constantly, exchanging emails. And finally, on this trip, we finally met.

Speaking of ISE. I finished the Estonian Garden Wrap while here in LV. Debi lent me her dressing wires and pins and I blocked it on the hotel room floor. I will be posting pictures when I return to PI. I haven't the foggiest notion how to download pictures using Hub's camera. It did come out fine, but I am having doubts if my pal will like it, or if she can even use it. So, I will continue to dabble with a few other projects, in my search of the the ultimate, perfect package.

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2006
In Honor of
Christopher J Blackwell

September 11, 2001

On that fateful morning, an alarm was received at the quarters of Rescue Company 3 in the Bronx.

66 - 55 - 8087

Eight men boarded the apparatus.

They never returned.

5 - 5 - 5 - 5

Christopher Blackwell was a truly remarkable human being. He lived each and every day to its fullest. His life touched so many people. He was a true humanitarian who gave of himself selflessly. Chris was a hero. Though, he would never admit it. He was just doing his job. A job that he had been doing for twenty years. A job where he tried to make a difference, no matter how small. Chris lived and died a hero.

Chris left behind his wife, Jane, and three beautiful children, Alexandra, Ryan and Samantha.

Today, I would like to honor Chris, and the other seven men of Rescue 3, Tom Foley, Don Regan, Ray Meisenheimer, Gerry Shrang, Joe Spor, Brian Hickey and Tom Gambino. Remember not only how they died, but how they lived.

To all the brave firefighters of the FDNY, past and present, especially mine: You are my hero. You are the wind beneath my wings.

We Will Never Forget

Sunday, September 10, 2006

International Scarf Exchange

I started my project for the International Scarf Exchange III. I chose Evelyn Clark's Estonian Garden Wrap. The yarn is Rowan's Cotton Glace. Since my pal lives in a warm climate, I thought the cotton would be perfect. According to her questionaire, she likes "jewel" colors. However, in certain light, my "jewel" of a color appears chartreuse. Yikes! I will plod along. Perhaps it will "grow" on me. Whatcha think?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

343 gave their lives

September 11, 2001

Agnello, Joseph/ Ahern, Brian/ Allen, Eric/ Allen, Richard/ Amato, James/ Anaya Jr., Calixto/ Angelini Sr., Joseph/ Angelini Jr., Joseph/ Apostol Jr., Faustino/ Arce, David/ Arena, Louis/ Asaro, Carl/ Atlas, Gregg/ Atwood, Gerald/ Barnes, Matthew/ Baptiste, Gerald/ Barbara, Gerard/ Barry, Arthur/ Bates, Steven/ Bedigian, Carl/ Belson, Stephen/ Bergin, John/ Beyer, Paul/ Biefeld, Peter/ Bilcher, Brian / Bini, Carl/ Blackwell, Christopher/ Bocchino, Michael/ Bonomo, Frank/ Box, Gary/ Boyle, Michael/ Bracken, Kevin/ Brennan, Michael/ Brennan, Peter/ Brethel, Daniel/ Brown, Patrick/ Brunton, Vincent/ Burke Jr., William/ Brunn, Andrew/ Bucca, Ronald/ Buck, Greg/ Burns, Donald/ Burnside, John/ Butler, Thomas/ Byrne, Patrick/ Cain, George/ Calabro, Salvatore/ Callahan, Frank/ Cammarata, Michae/ Cannizzaro, Brian/ Cardinale, David/ Carey, Dennis/ Carlo, Michael/ Carroll, Michael/ Carroll, Peter/ Casoria, Thomas/ Cawley, Michael/ Cherry, Vernon/ Chiofalo, Nicholas/ Chipura, John/ Clarke, Michael/ Coakley, Steven/ Coleman, Tarel/ Collins, John/ Cordicce, Robert/ Correa, Ruben/ Corrigan, James J./ Coyle, James/ Crawford, Robert/ Crisci, John/ Cross, Dennis A./ Cullen III, Thomas/ Curatolo, Robert/ D'Arti, Edward/ Dauria , Michael/ Davidson, Scott/ Day, Edward/ DeAngelis, Thomas/ Delvalle, Manuel/ Demeo, Martin/ Derubbio, David/D esperito, Andrew/ Devlin, Dennis/ Dewan, Gerard/ Dipasquale, George/ Donnelly, Kevin/ Dowdell, Kevin/ Downey, Ray/ Duffy, Gerald/ Eagan Jr., Martin/ Elferis, Michael/ Esposito, Francis/ Esposito, Michael/ Evans, Robert/ Fanning, Jack/ Farino, Thomas/ Farrell, Terrance/ Farrelly, Joseph/ Feehan, William/ Fehling, Lee/ Feinberg, Alan/ Fiore, Frank/ Fiore, Michael/ Fischner, John/ Fletcher, Andre/ Florio, John/ Fodor, Michael/ Foley, Thomas/ Fontana, David/ Foti, Robert/ Fredricks, Andrew/ Freund, Peter/ Gambino Jr., Thomas/ Ganci Jr., Peter/ Garbarini, Charles/ Gardner, Thomas/ Garner, Thomas/ Garvey, Matthew/ Gary, Bruce/ Geidel, Gary/ Geraghty, Edward/ Germain, Denis/ Giberson, James/ Gies, Ronnie/ Gill, Paul/ Giammona, Vincent/ Ginley, John/ Giordano, Jeffery/ Giordano, John/ Glascoe, Keith/ Gray, James/ Grzelak, Joe/ Guadalupe, Jose/ Guja, Geoffrey/ Gullickson, Joseph/ Halderman, David/ Halloran, Vincent/ Hamilton, Robert/ Hanley, Sean/ Hannafin, Thomas/ Hannon, Dana/ Harlin, Daniel/ Harrell, Harvey/ Harrell, Stephen/ Haskell Jr.,Thomas/ Haskell, Timothy/ Halloran, Vincent/ Hatton, Terry/ Haub, Michael/ Hayes, Phillip/ Healey, Mike/ Heffernan, John/ Henderson, Ronnie/ Henry, Joseph/ Henry, William/ Hetzel, Thomas/ Hickey, Brian/ Higgins, Tim/ Hohmann, John/ Holohan, Thomas/ Hunter, Joseph/ Hynes, Walter/ Ielpi, Jonathan/ Johnston, William/ Jordan, Andrew/ Joseph, Karl/ Jovic, Anthony/ Juarbe Jr., Angel/ Judge, Mychal/ Kane, Vincent/ Kasper, Charles/ Keating, Paul/ Kelly, Thomas/K elly, Tom/ Kelly Jr., Richie/ Kennedy, Thomas/ Kerwin, Ronald T./ Kiefer, Michael/ King Jr., Robert/ Krukowski, William/ Kopytko, Scott/ Kumpel, Kenneth/ Kuveikis, Thomas/ Laforge, David/ Lake, William/ Lane, Robert/ Langone, Peter/ Larsen, Scott/ Leavey, Joseph G/ Leavy, Neil/ Libretti, Daniel/ Lillo, Carlos/ Linnane, Robert/ Lynch, Michael/ Lynch, Mike/ Lyons, Michael/ Lyons, Patrick/ Maffeo, Joseph/ Mahoney, William/ Maloney, Joseph/ Marino, Kenneth/ Margiotta, Charles/ Marchbanks Jr.,Joseph/ Marshell, John/ Martin, Peter/ Martini, Paul/ Mascali, Joseph/ Maynard, Keithroy/ Mcaleese, Brian/ Mcavoy, John/ McCann, Thomas/ McGinn, William/ McGovern, William/ Mchugh, Dennis/ McMahon, Robert/ McPadden, Robert/ McShane, Terence/ McSweeney, Timothy/ McWilliams, Martin/ Meisenheimer, Raymond/ Mendez, Charles/ Mercado, Steve/ Miller, Douglas/ Miller Jr., Henry/ Minara, Robert/ Mitchell, Paul/ Mingione, Thomas/ Modafferi, Louis/ Mojica, Dennis/ Mojica, Manuel/ Molinaro, Carl/ Montesi, Michael/ Moody, Thomas/ Morello, Vincent/ Moran, John/ Mozzillo, Christopher/ Muldowney Jr.,Richard/ Mullan, Michael/ Mulligan, Dennis/ Murphy, Raymond/ Nagle, Bob/ Napolitano, John/ Nelson, Peter/ Nevins, Gerard/ O'Berg, Dennis/ Oblschlager, Douglas/ O'Callaghan, Daniel/ Ogren, Joseph/ Oitice, Samuel/ O’Keefe, Patrick/ O'Keefe, William/ Olsen, Eric/ Olsen, Jeffery/ Olsen, Steven/ O'Rourke, Kevin/ Palazzo, Jeffery/ Palmer, Orio J./ Palombo, Frank/ Pansini, Paul/ Paolillo, John/ Pappageorge, James/ Parro, Robert/ Pearsall, Durrell/ Perry, Glenn/ Petti, Philip/ Pfeiffer, Kevin/ Pickford, Christopher/ Phelan, Kenneth/ Powell, Shawn/ Princiotta, Vincent/ Prior, Kevin/ Prunty, Richard/ Quappe, Lincoln/ Quilty, Michael/ Orourke, Kevin/ Otten, Michael/ Quinn, Ricardo/ Ragaglia, Leonard/ Ragusa, Michael/ Rall, Edward/ Rand, Adam/ Regan, Donald/ Regan, Robert/ Regenhard, Christian/ Richard, Vernon/ Riches, James/ Rivelli Jr., Joseph/ Reilly, Kevin/ Roberts, Michael/ Roberts, Mike/ Rocco Jr., Anthony/ Rodriquez, Anthony/ Rogan, Matthew/ Rossomando, Nicholas/ Rubach, Paul/ Russell, Stephen/ Russo, Michael T/ Ryan, Matthew L./ Sabella, Thomas/ Santora, Christopher/ Santore, John/ Saucedo, Gregory/ Scauso, Dennis/ Schardt, John/ Scheffold, Fred/ Schoales, Thomas/ Schrang, Gerard/ Sikorsky, Gregory/ Siller, Stephen/ Smagala Jr., Stanely/ Smith, Kevin/ Smith Jr., Leon/ Spear Jr., Robert/ Spor, Joseph/ Stack, Lawrence/ Stackpole, Timothy/ Stajk, Gregory/ Stark, Jeffery/ Suarez, Benjamin/ Suhr, Daniel/ Sullivan, Christopher/ Sweeney, Brian/ Tallon, Sean/ Tarasiewicz, Allen/ Tegtmeirer, Paul/ Tierney, John/ Tipping II, John/ Tirado Jr., Hector/ VanHine, Richard/ Vaskis, Francis/ Vega, Peter/ Veling, Lawrence/ Vigiano II, John/ Villanueva, Sergio/ Virgilio, Lawrence/ Wallace, Robert/ Walz, Jeffery/ Warchola, Michael/ Waters, Patrick/ Watson, Kenneth/ Weinberg, Michael/ Weiss, David/ Welty, Timothy/ Whelan, Eugene/ White, Edward/ Whitford, Mark/ Weinberg, Michael/ Wilkinson, Glenn/ Williamson, John/ Wren, William/ Wooley,David/ York, Raymond
Never Forget
Pray for the soldiers that now fight to keep the freedom that we live with everyday.
One Skein Exchange
A package arrived for me this week. It contained the fabulous scarf pictured above. It was from Heidi, my One Skein Exchangee. Isn't the scarf just gorgeous? She used Mountain Colors fingering weight in the most fabulously rich earthy Autumn colors that I just adore. And since I live in a warm climate, its being light weight is perfect. This is the time of year, when as a born and bred New Yorker, I pine for the smells, sounds and visions of the season. Heidi, thank you for sharing this small piece of Autumn with me.