Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Sister's Gift
I was gifted this truly fabulous quilted jacket. Dee is so talented, and far outshines my abilities. She was making a quilt, when her son remarked that the color's were "so Aunt Dorene". And, yes, they are. If you could just imagine a Tuscan landscape with the luscious green fields, dotted with abundant sunflowers and lavender, you can picture colors that I'm drawn to. So, she decided to use some of the fabric and craft me a jacket. Isn't is just fabulous?
Look... even the lining is sheer perfection....

The colors didn't really come out as vibrant as they really are, as the flash did wash them out, just a tad. But, I hope that you can just partially imagine how truly exquisite this gift is. Boy, do I feel special!


madonnaearth said...

It's beautiful! I love the colors, and the way the lining matches. She did a great job!

Dorene said...

She did. We exchanged gifts, and I was the lucky recipient of this exquiste jacket. Poor Dee. All she got was a pair of felted clogs. I think I made out better on this one. Don't ya think?