Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I found it!
I found the most perfect shop in the UK to spoil my pal.
Socktopus, a relative newcomer to the yarn scene, is now offering the UK, and the world, the finest, most luxurious fibers that are available.. anywhere. When it comes to retailers, Alice has raised the bar a notch. She offers exceptional products, at the best prices, and with the best customer service that you will experience in a long time. Alice, has the most exquisite taste in yarn, and being an avid sock knitter herself, she has an eye and hand for selecting just the very best. She carries Hand Maiden Casbah, a luscious blend of cashmere/wool and Fleece Artist Somoko, a luxurious blend of kid/silk/merino. I have been gifted yarns by Hand Maiden myself, and I have not stopped caressing them yet.
For the ultimate splurge, could Alice entice you with Camel Spin? It's another yarn by Handmaiden - camel down is really luxurious and exotic. This one is 30% camel down and 70% silk. Or how about another yarn by The Knittery, from Australia, which is a cashmere and merino blend (60% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, 20% nylon) - softer still than Casbah and it is truly absolute heaven! If you haven't been bitten by fiber bug yet, why not try some of the absolute gorgeous offerings of pure cashmere from Mama Llama. Oh and of course there is Buffalo Gold, from Texas. This is buffalo down which is an exotic fibre, rather dear, and rather warm.
Alice even has a Socktopus Sock Club in the planning stages. She has plans to showcase the exceptional yarns of local, as well as international hand dyers. Bookmark Socktopus. It will be the site to browse when you want the finest yarns that are available.

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