Friday, January 26, 2007

My Pal.... She's the greatest!

The final package came from my SP9. It seems that she is this very nice lady, Diane, who hails from Pennsylvania. It seemed that the packages became more special with each and every one. The last package contained The Shoalwater Shawl, another pattern by one of my all time favorite designer, Evelyn Clark. Diane couldn't decide what color merino lace yarn to send with it, so she sent both: a dramatic black and a intriguing cranberry. She left the choice up to me and both colors are fabulous.

She also included a very special scarf that she made just for me. Anyone can go and buy things and send, but to take time and create something for someone else is so special. She made an adorable lace scarf from "Last Minute Knitted Gifts" from beautiful Opal Mosaic yarn in a fabulous black with the subtle hint of purple. Oh, so lovely. It will be cherished always, for I know that it came directly from the heart.

But, Diane and I have GOT to be soul sisters. When I received the first package, I had the most horrendous chapped lips. And what did her next package contain? None other than some very soothing lip balm. I was in dire need of a darning needle. I found this out while attempting to sew the seam on all those clogs. I was shopping in a LYS this week and I had a darning needle on my list, but I forgot to buy one. But.... What did this last package contain? You got it! A darning needle set in that cute little Chibi container! Again, she nailed it! How does she do it? It is downright eerie!

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Diane said...

Wow--guess my psychic powers were working for me! Glad the chibi came in handy. I love those things--before I had one I was always loosing darning needles. I'm so glad you enjoyed everything and I am looking forward to seeing your shoalwater shawl when you knit it!