Saturday, January 27, 2007

Manos.. gone bad

I signed up for a drop spindle class. Yes, that's right. I am now attempting to join the spinning ranks. My first class was this past Tuesday. I arrived early, eager to begin my newest endeavor. This wonderful lady, Kate, was leading the class. She hands us our spindle and some top. It was a bit awkward and I did a meager attempt at creating yarn. Kate was oh so encouraging, telling me that my spindle was looking wonderful. But, isn't that what teachers are supposed to say? But, as I peeked around the room, lo and behold, mine didn't look too shabby. Then again, I had never done anything like this before. I was in awe how just a simple spinning motion could create yarn. I mean, I can create yarn.

I left the class with a bit of the top and intentions of practicing some more at home. After many, many hours, I was able to accomplish this......

Yes, it does look like some Manos gone bad, but I'm proud of it none the less.
I returned today for my first "spin" at the wheel. I have yet to take a picture of my wheel endeavor, but trust me... it looks just a bit better. Not too much better, just a wee bit better than the above. I am on my way. Down the slippery slope I go.

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Knittinreed said...

How cool is that!!! Your yarn sure looks good, I am in the same place as you - just had my second spinning lesson - we started on the wheel. And next week we will ply.

Now if only work didn't get in the way of all the practicing I am trying to do :-)