Sunday, October 15, 2006


I worked so hard on the Estonian Garden Wrap. I went above and beyond what I would have normally done, but you see, I was given the most fabulous, courageous, witty, talented, generous person in the whole world as my exchangee. Being that my pal is so super duper special, my project had to be so special too.

I was given Debi, my hero.

Now, for a little background. During my first ISE, I was so blessed to have been the recipient of Debi's generosity. She had never done lace before, but she toiled and stressed to craft me the most spectacular scarf that I have ever seen. Pictures here of all the goodies. It was sheer perfection. But, the scarf was only the icing on the cake. She made a felted needlecase, complete with bamboo needles, handmade lavender sachets from her garden, oodles and oodles of yarn, eucalan wash, and a whole lot more that was tidily wrapped in the most fantastic treasure chest. I was floored. This was the first time that a total stranger had made something just for me and it was truly beautiful. I also emerged from that exchange having met a true friend.

Fast forward to the current exchange.... Debi and I chat quite often on line. We were so excited about the upcoming exchange and when the pairings were announced and I was given Debi.... WOO HOO! Lordy, lordy... I had been given Debi. I couldn't believe my luck. I couldn't tell her that I was given her, so anonymously I was contacting her as a beginner knitter, hoping that she didn't mind having such a newbie. Deep down, I was giggling to myself, knowing the secret. I now had the opportunity to reciprocate the generosity that Debi had bestowed upon me.

In our daily emails, I questioned Debi asking what her ideal shawl would be- the shape, color, etc. I then set out to make it for her. After much deliberation, I chose the Estonian Garden Wrap, due to its simplicity and understated elegance. And being that Debi lives in the middle of the desert, I chose cotton for the fiber. It was a labor of love and I was just sooooo excited to be able to present it to Debi. She knew what project I was working on for "my" pal, but didn't know it was for her.

A few weeks ago, my husband had a show in Las Vegas. I was going to accompany him and was finally going to have the opportunity to meet Debi. I also had the shawl with me, and completed it while I was in LV. I was chatting with Debi about my project (she didn't know it was for her) and knowing that I finished knitting it, she offered to help me block it. I selfishly took her up on the offer. So, Debi had seen the shawl, loved it, and I was even more excited to anticipate her reaction when she would discover it was for her!

Back in SC, I packed up the shawl. It was wrapped in tissue paper along with a few other knitting goodies, tucked in a hat box and sent on its way to her. My DIL (Kirstin) mailed it from Ft. Bragg, NC.

Well, I have been waiting on baited breathe while the package was in the mail. It was like Christmas morning suspense. The package arrived, and no response. She had been away and finally emailed me last night apologizing. She explained that Kirstin had inadvertently mailed my pal's package to her by mistake! She was so sorry and couldn't stop apologizing.

So, the joke is on me. I was expecting to surprise her with a fabulous package and she wasn't surprised at all. She didn't even know that it was for her! Oh well, the best laid plans.....

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Marji said...

so she eventually got it that it was for her right?
I remember reading about you receiving the treasure chest from Debi and what a special package it was, and am thrilled that you were able to gift her with that gorgeous estonian wrap. That is truly a beautiful gift and is very inspirational. I must go find the Evelyn Clark pattern for this - as I have the perfect cotton for it.