Friday, March 03, 2006

The "Treasure Chest" has arrived......

I came home from work and had this huge parcel waiting for me. The return address was Las Vegas, and discovered that I was to be the recipient of Debi's exquisite handiwork. I was never so excited.

The first box that I came upon was this delightful box that appears to be handmade. It contained lavender sachets that Debi had made from her garden, the cutest needle holders, lovely green candles and votive glasses, Eucalan Rinse, AND Filatura de Crosa Collage yarn.

And if THAT wasn't enough, there was this little package wrapped in tissue paper. I opened it to reveal a wonderful handmade, felted needle case. It was stitched my hand and lined with the coolest retro Spooner fabric. But, was a needle case all? No, it also contained 4 pairs of bamboo needles and another Lavender sachet.

And it THAT wasn't enough, there was also the "treasure chest". I gingerly opened it, knowing I was about to see the most exquisite scarf. I was not disappointed. Wrapped in a silk scarf, that appears to be hand dyed, was MY scarf. The work is beautiful and all my endeavors pale in comparison to the superior craftmanship. I had tears in my eyes knowing the struggles that Debi had to endure to make it. It is the most fabulous rust color and oh so luscious and soft.

And if THAT wasn't enough.... under the most beautiful scarf that I had ever laid my eyes upon, there were more yarn, including Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, Classic Elite Yarns Miracle and Austermann Barkarole.

Words will never let me truly express my heartfelt gratitude and respect that I hold for Debi. I have been blessed to have "met" this truly remarkable lady, who will always serve as my inspiration and the wind beneath my wings. Debi, you are my hero!

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