Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Estonian Garden Wrap

I am participating in the International Scarf Exchange. I have been diligently working on this wrap to present to my pal. I am proud of how it came out, I can only hope that she will like it.

She lives in a warmer climate, so I knitted it with cotton rather than the customary wool. Also, it is not a color that she specifically requested. I am hoping that she will not be disappointed. I am shopping to put a few more surprises in the box and hope to have it shipped in about a week. So, If you live in a warmer climate and receive a package... this wrap might be inside! I am hoping that you will cherish this gift, and accept it in the true spirit in which it was knitted.

Obligatory Stats

Pattern: Evelyn Clark's Estonian Garden Wrap by Fibertrends

Yarn: Rowan's Cotton Glace

Color: Butter

Yardage: 875 (7 skeins)

Needles: size 8 (US)

Size: 80"x24"

p.s. There are few more pictures of the detail over there in my photo album. Go and take a peek.


Tomme said...

Like it! How could she possibly not like it! It's drop dead gorgeous!!!

Dorene said...

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate your kind words. I'll keep you all posted on her reaction.

Pennie said...

that is so pretty, lucky scarf pal ;)

Dipsy Doodle said...

Oh, this wrap is so absolutely beautiful - the pattern as well as the color you chose, it's just perfect! Great job!

Dipsy D.

Anonymous said...

That is amazing!!!!!!!!

Cynder said...

Thats so beautiful!

I started on that shawl last year, and gave up and frogged it in May after 6 months and not being done with the first section yet.

yarnahoy said...

That is beautiful!!

Dorene said...

Aw shucks....
Wow. Thanks for all the word of praise. You all have me blushing.