Sunday, March 26, 2006


Well, I finally finished the Bird's Nest Shawl. I used 6 skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepard Sport, in the colorways Tuscany and size 6 Denise needles.

Here it is in all its glory. For whatever that is worth because I am not that happy with it. As I was blocking it, it seems the weight of the yarn really made it strrrrreeeeeetch. And egads... the space between the k2tog's and the ssk's appears like a dropped stitch and looks horrid.

I have two options.

One. To reblock, but this time using dressing wires. Hopefully, by pulling the stitches against the way that it is separating, might make it appear a tad less noticeable. If I chose this, I will have to purchase the darn things.

Two. To frog the entire shawl and use the yarn for something else. Oh well... again, I am plagued with decisions!


Rainbow Spinner said...

Dorene - Do not be SILLY. It looks gorgeous. The photo does not show the whole as extra large, it looks fantastic. Please DO NOT frog it - love it and be proud.


Dorene said...

Jo... that is so sweet of you to try and make me feel better. But Jo... just look at the RAGING GAPS between the k2tog and the ssk's. I'm sleeping on it a bit, then I'll decide...

shadowlands said...

I think it's utterly beautiful!