Sunday, April 02, 2006

Strong caution.... Rant ahead

Yesterday was a beautiful sunshine filled day. What better way to spend it by taking my knitting and to bask in the glorious sunshine on the beach. It was too good of a day for others not to take advantage of it also. There were families with their children playing in the sand, couples walking with their dogs, as well as a few adventurous souls who attempted to dip their feet in the surf. But, I was content just to relax and enjoy working on my project. Ah, paradise.

But paradise didn't last too long. The beach was also inudated by a few individuals who insisted on letting their unleashed dogs roam. Their owners were having such a wonderful time, thinking that everyone was enjoying watching their dogs fetch as they were. At times, these same owners, would be too caught up in conversation and thus blissfully unaware that their animals roamed, defecating where ever they desired. Oh, too sweet.

Isn't that precious? Until one of these adorable, playful dogs came over by me and started to lift his leg and piss on my knitting bag!


Why can't dog owners be more courteous of others? Why do they feel that everyone loves their dogs as much as they do? Why do they think that their dogs are the greatest thing on God's green earth? Why do they assume that their dog's "oh too cute" antics are welcomed by others?

I have two wonderful dogs, Samantha, a nine year old golden retriever and Skeeter, a four year old bichon. I love them to death, but I know that everyone doesn't feel the same way about my dogs. So, I won't go around and shove them down others throat. I just wish that others wouldn't shove theirs down

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