Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Shawl


To me, the beach has always conjured up the most heartwarming memories. As a child, I always recalled every summer we spent as a family at the Jersey shore. I remember my Dad, and the safeness that I felt as he held me so close as the waves approached. His arms were my haven and never wanted our time together to end.

It was just a short four years ago this Christmas season, just after having relocated to Pawleys Island with my newly-retired husband, that I was diagnosed with cancer. I retreated to the beach, and found comfort in my memories that the sounds and smell of the ocean evoke. I knew then, that being at the beach was exactly where I needed to be. The beach always was, is, and always will be my little bit of heaven right here on earth.

This fall, I was invited to participate in a wonderful knitting opportunity - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Shawl. This is the brainchild of a wonderful woman, Kay Meadors. The idea is that this shawl would travel to a knitter in each of the 50 states, each doing their part, and then passing it on to the next knitter, until it had passed through the hands of 50 remarkable and talented knitters. After the Shawl's journey is complete, it will be raffled off, with the proceeds benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

On Christmas eve, the shawl arrived at my home. And could not have thought of any place in the world where I would rather be when I knitted it, other then on my beloved beach...

My contribution to the shawl was done in honor of all cancer survivors, and in loving memory of my father, Robert Delaney. Dad, I miss you so much....

It is now on it's way to another knitter. If you would like to follow the shawl and it's travels around the country, go to the blog and catch its progress. And, most importantly, if you would care to donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, as well as have the opportunity to win this shawl, visit the Passionately Pink page.

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