Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My First Quilt
In reality, even though it was completed after the other quilt, it was the first one that I started. I had the most wonderful assistant, teacher, and mentor... my sister Dee. Who would have imagined that quilters are even more horrid enablers than knitters? Go figure!I am happy with my endeavor. But, I have so much to learn about color. I chose very complementary colors and I think I needed to use more contrast. Perhaps, a better choice than the purple would have been a very dark green?
I just love the ticking that I found for the backing. And the lady who did the machine quilting did a marvelous job. All in all... I'm tickled pink!


SandyQuilts said...

It's beautiful. I've never seen ticking on the back of quilts .. I really like it. Now to find some.

madonnaearth said...

I love it; much prettier than my first quilt. That said, I wouldn't trade mine for anything; my grandmother helped me make it when I was in grade school.

Ticking's an awesome choice, too; it looks great!

Toni said...

How pretty!!!! I'm new to quilting, so you can consider me doubly impressed!!! I haven't yet finished a full-size one.