Sunday, March 09, 2008

Do you remember this Ugly Duckling?
Well, after many, many months in the Frog Pond, it has finally become a Swan.
If you remember, I did complete the Mystery Stole 3 in its entirety last year. I was wide-eyed with enthusiasm as this was to be my first endeavor in the "mystery" genre. Each week, I waited anxiously as the next "clue" was announced. I was loving the progression of the stole that was blossoming before me - up until the end of Clue 4. My doubts began as I began to knit Clue 5. The pattern abruptly changed and seemed to be going in a direction to where I did not want to go. But,to keep faithful to the spirit of the KAL, I blindly persevered and I continued and knitted along. Being the consummate over-achiever that I am, it was completed before the week was over after the final clue was presented.

I tried to like it. Really, I did! I just couldn't bring myself to like it. I tried desperately and it was not going to happen. It looked like two different shawls had been mismatched together. I did like both halves, individually, just not together. So, I frogged the shawl back to the end of clue 4. And that's where it sat for the past 6 months - lost and forgotten and hated.

Fast forward to now... After all my exuberant Christmas sock knitting, I decided it was time to finish all the left over UFO’s in my pile - with this being one of them. I am so proud that I finally finished it! Wah la! Over! Kaput! Fini! Stick a fork in me! Dun!
Obligatory Stats:
  • Pattern: Mystery Stole 3/Swan Lake
  • Designer: Melanie Gibbons
  • Yarn: Elsbeth Lavold Hempathy
  • Colorway: White Beach
  • Skeins: 6/918 yds
  • Needles: Denise US Size 6
  • Blocked size: 29" x 84"
  • Made for: Deirdre (shhhh! Don't tell her. It's a surprise!)


Toni said...

YAY!!! I definitely know the feeling. How did you end up finishing it--the grafting or did you work through a reverse-shaping option?

Dorene said...

Yikes! You mean, in that whole dissertation, I didn't say HOW I DID IT? lol!

Well, for inquiring minds (like Toni) - I knit another half - Clue 1 thru 4 and then grafted the two halves together.

I am glad I persevered and finished it. I was so deflated after it was completed and hadn't knitted lace since. As this shawl was blocking, I remembered - just how great that "wow" feeling is!

I found my mojo!