Friday, November 03, 2006

A big, thank you...

Thoroughly exhausted, I arrived at my new home on Monday afternoon. Yep, I have given up the Atlantic Ocean for the Mohave Desert! I had made the 2,300 mile drive from South Carolina to Nevada, cramped with most of my worldly goods in my VW Beetle Convertible. Hubby has been here since August, and I have only now cleared my plate and was able to join him. But, now at the present time, he is not here; he is somewhere in Qatar on business. So, I arrived at an empty house. After 3 days of driving, I pried my tired, spasmed, achey body from the car and headed for the front door, and what to my amazement was there? A wonderful package from my secret pal 9! Oh my! What a wonderful "Welcome Home".

The package contained the most wonderful skein of Opal yarn in the coolest Halloween colors. I have never seen this colorway before and it is really awesome. Also, there were gobs and gobs of my favorite candies: Snickers! But, not just plain Snickers. No. There were all sorts of varieties that I haven't tried yet: Snickers Almond, and Snickers Crunchers. Hmm Hmm. And the cutest Jack O'Lantern stress ball. Now, how did she know that I was a tad stressed out from the tedious drive?

Thank you pal. Your package was just what this girl needed when I arrived in my new home. It was the "hug" that I needed after my long drive.

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