Sunday, June 11, 2006

Busy, busy, busy.....

I get so jealous reading others blogs, seeing how good you all are at keeping your blogs and posts so up to date. How do you all do it?

Amazing Lace ~
I had the cutest idea for the Amazing Lace posting. I am so computer illiterate, I really do need a crash course in "Blogging for Dummies". I really don't think that it will help. I had pictures taken of "the team" but I had the hardest time trying to merge the two. Oh well, I did have the best intentions. Hopefully I will have the bugs worked out before the next challenge.

Secret Pal 8 ~
I have mailed the package for my pal. I hope that she will love it, just as much I had putting the assortment together. The person that has ME has emailed me, saying hi and keeping in touch. I have to admit, that I haven't been as timely with my pal. Pal ~ please forgive me!

One Skein Exchange ~
I mailed off the skein for June. I have the skein for July all picked out and ready to mail. I am still racking my brains over what to knit. Reading forums, I see that others are contemplating wrist warmers and the like. That isn't my style but am so anxiously awaiting for her to reply to my emails so I can get a better idea of just what she would like.

Knitting Adventures ~
I completed the Kiri Shawl. I used Henry's Attic Superwash Kona. The pattern was, perhaps, the simplest lace pattern that I have done to date. Now, was it really the easiest pattern or am I getting very comfortable with lace, that it seemed easy? Again, I am having the hardest time getting a photo here... so please go and take a peek at it in my Photo Album.

I was working on the Knit Your Own Mystery Pi Shawl. While plodding along on the fourth clue and I realized that I didn't like it. I just didn't care for the lace patterns that I had chose; they didn't "coordinate" with one another. (IMHO) So, the darn thing was frogged. I do have plans on doing my own KYOMPI, because it really is one heck of an ingenious idea. I just wish I was clever enough to think of it myself.

So, after the frogging episode of the KYOMPI, I cast on for the Ene Shawl. I have "gobs" of the Kona, so I am using it again. More later on its progress.

Beaching ~
It's that time of the year again. Hubby has the umbrella and chairs all set up. That chair is calling to me, so it's time to grab the knitting and head on out......

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