Friday, August 28, 2009

Saying Good-bye

My son has once again been deployed, this time to Afghanistan.  We, as a family, spent a few days together before he left.  This time is the hardest, as in addition to leaving saying good-bye to his wife, he is also leaving his infant son. 


He will be missing quite a few firsts this year as the lil one gets his first tooth, takes his first step, and says Da-Da when he wakes up at night.

He had whispered a few words to his son before he left, "Be sure to be good for your Mommy.  Remember that I love you.  And Please... don't grow too big while I'm away".


Please, keep my son, as well as all members of the military who are sacrificing so much to defend our freedom, in your prayers.  Pray for their safe return.  Pray for a time when their duty will no longer be needed.


Toni said...

I am surely praying for you son and the family and a time when they are not so needed. Be brave and be proud. Much appreciation and gratitude for all that these brave men do.

Kathleen said...

Saying goodbye is never easy. I hope it is not too long until it's time for the fond return.
With best wishes,

Mean Mama said...

Rest assured your son and your family, and indeed, all families in your situation, are in my prayers.

Until that day . . .