Friday, August 11, 2006


My July package from my Secret Pal 8 arrived. I just got home from work and there was a package waiting. Nick had dinner on the table, but dinner would just have to wait! I had a package to devour first!

The package was a little late, as my pal had been super busy. But, let me tell you, this package was definitely worth the wait. There were two skeins of the most scrumptious merino yarn, in the most fabulous autumn colors. My favorite. Very rich and just a subtle variegation. Oh, too delightful. There was also a Lantern Moon needle holder. Now, I know that my needles will be getting spoiled as they are wrapped in such luxury. And THEN... a book.. "Last Minute Knitting." I have had this book on my wish-list and now it is mine, all mine! (insert evil laugh) I have some perusing to do!

Thanks Pal, as always, you have outdone yourself in coming up with a fabulous package. I love it all and I truly feel so special to have you as a Pal. Thank you.

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