Saturday, July 15, 2006


I arrived home yesterday. There was the most wonderful package, from my Secret Pal, waiting. With great anticipation, I quickly tore it open and I was in total awe of what was inside.

The picture does NOT do this fabulous yarn any justice and for that I truly apologize.

My pal worked hard at finding the most perfect yarn, and she was quite successful. I have never received anything of this quality before and it is truly scruptous.

The yarn is from Land of Legends Alpacas. This exquisitely soft lace weight yarn is spun from 100% aplaca "tui" fleece. Tui is the Incan word for a cria's (alpaca baby) first fleece. The tui fleece is the softest fleece the individual aplaca will produce in its lifetime. Is is wonderfully suited to garments worn next to the skin. The yarn color comes from the alpaca's natural color. No dyes were used in the creation of this yarn.

The Alpacas were loving cared for right in Licking County, my Pal's area. They were in no way harmed to produce this wonderful yarn for special heirloom quality garments. The annual harvesting of the fleece and the birth of their cria represents the full cycle of life that we are privileged to share with these wonderful animals.

According to the label, this particular yarn is made from Hershey's fleece. Hershey was born on the farm in 2003. He is very friendly and loves to have his neck scratched. His color is called dark fawn.

Pal, you certainly did pick out the best. I have never knitted with yarn of this quality and I am SO looking forward to choosing a project that will enhance its pure beauty.


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Disentangled said...

What a wonderful gift! And I love it that they tell you who's fleece it is, too. Hope you have a great trip and keep on knitting!